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A monthly safety meeting was held at Waste Industries June 18, 2015
. One item of concern brought up by the residential team was residents putting charcoal ashes from their grills and sawdust, kitty litter, etc. loose in their residential carts.

Two items of concern are:

  1. If the coals are not completely out and we dump them into the truck, a fire could start. Over the last several years we have had several on board trash fires and actually lost a truck in 2012.
  2. When the drivers/toters dump the carts into the truck, the sawdust, ash, and kitty litter dust flies up into their face and eyes. They do wear safety glasses but they still get covered. We can accept the non-flammable materials, but they do need to be bagged and tied off securely.

Waste Industries’ goal is to keep all employees safe so they can go home to their families at the end of each work day in the same shape as they reported.

Your Water Source

The water source for the Town of Norlina comes from Kerr Lake. Warren County Public Utilities purchases treated water from the Kerr Lake Regional Water System (KLRW) then sells it to the Town of Norlina. Click Here to read the latest Water Quality Report.

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Thanks so much for your help and allowing us to be of service to your communities.

For the millions of interstate travelers that visit North Carolina each year, Norlina is nothing more than a couple of signs along I-85. However, some lucky visitors have discovered our community, and have begun to call Norlina their home away from home during their journey. Some of our friends have the opportunity to stay with us for awhile as they vacation at nearby Lake Kerr and Gaston. We'd like to extend an offer to everyone to "enter our town limits" and visit with us.

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